Understanding Anxiety: Navigating the Difference Between Anxiety and Panic, and Finding Relief

Anxiety is a part of human nature and a definite part of everyday life for many of us. It occupies our minds during the day and wakes us up at night. Many times, there seems to be no solution or help available to us. This is not a fun position to be in.

What is anxiety and how is it different from panic? According to the American Psychological Association (https://www.apa.org/topics/anxiety) Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure. An important difference between anxiety and panic is that anxiety is future focused on something that may or may not happen. Panic is a fear response in the present moment.

These anxious thoughts are hard to control and may be magnified over time in comparison to the original thought that triggers the anxiety. A person may be able to deal with the thoughts at home. Some self-help techniques to try might include relaxation techniques, physical exercise, or maintaining a strong social network.

It is not uncommon for someone to look for outside help from a mental health therapist to change the thought patterns that are causing the problem. The therapist assists the client with recognizing and attempting to resolve the thought patterns to remove the anxiety from the client’s daily life. Many insurance companies now cover counseling and consider it like a medical appointment. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323454

Anyone who struggles with anxiety, or who wonders if they have an anxiety problem, wants relief from the thoughts. Help is available from a professional mental health therapist. We encourage you to check into therapy if you are struggling with anxiety.